Do you need more support with your unique family situation? If watching my videos hasn´t answered your questions yet, you might want to consider

a paid Q&A video or a personal consultation. Here is what I can offer you at the moment…

Free Intake Call

At the moment all the free slots are full, please contact me if you wish to be on the waiting list.

How it works:

The free intake call is an online meeting with me where you can explain to me your family situation, tell me your wishes and concerns. I´ll take notes, ask questions and will then send you an email with different options on how I can best help your family.

What you need to know:

– You need to choose a date for the chat.

– I don´t give detailed advice during the intake call.

– I´m looking forward to meeting you.

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“I will be expecting my first child this summer. I’ve been brought up bilingual (English and Italian) and speak fluent Spanish, I am also married to a native Spanish speaker. Languages and culture have always been a part of my life and it’s fundamental for us to raise our child with their heritage languages.

I started to look around for information on the best methods and came across Andrea’s channel Multilingual Families. After having watched many of Andrea’s videos, and taken on board her advice about creating a strategy for our family with short and long term goals, I started to build up confidence and excitement! I felt immediately connected to Andrea’s experience and background (as she is also bilingual) and learned a lot from her and how to focus our native languages towards our child, for the best chance of success. I decided to book a one to one consultation with Andrea to go through my situation and strategy in detail and get some personal advice from her. I am now ready and excited to embark on my new multilingual family journey! I will continue to use Andrea’s services along the way, and access all the interesting materials she has put together for her followers.

I highly recommend Andrea’s consultation services to anybody looking to fine-tune their strategy, who may have doubts, lack a little confidence, and need that personal attention for their goals or have specific questions they are unsure about. As we are all in different positions, it really helps to get Andrea to focus on your personal situation and have the opportunity to discuss it in an open conversation. I found Andrea answered all my doubts, opened my mind, and gave me confidence that I am on the right track!”

– Chiara (England) – 

Paid Q&A Video

How it works:

Write to me explaining your family situation and asking your questions. Send it to this address:

I´ll reply to your mail as soon as I can and will give you professional advice by shooting a video in which I analyze your case and make suggestions.

What you need to know:

– The video goes public on my YouTube channel.

– It´s not interactive.

– It costs 80 Euro.


How it works:

Contact me ( to set up two appointments.

During the first call, I´ll get to know your situation, your questions and concerns. On the second call I will give you professional advice, tips and know-how tailored to your unique situation.

What you need to know:

– The consultation is private.

– It´s interactive.

– It costs 150 Euro for one hour in total.

Thank you for your interest and I´m looking forward to hearing from you!