Fruits – Flashcards, Games & Activities for Multilingual Children


Games and activities specially designed for multilingual families. Add up to four languages to each card and have lots of fun supporting your children in learning several languages.



This is a compilation of four games and a bunch of activities you can do with your multilingual children in all the languages that they are learning. The content can be adjusted to the specific language combination of your multilingual family!

The aims of the games are:

  • to learn new vocabulary and phrases in various languages
  • to practice and internalize the content using it in different situations
  • to promote Language Awareness
  • to awaken their interest in language learning
  • to develop skills like memory, patience, strategy building, and emotional control
  • to help parents and other family members connect with their children and create a strong bond in their language or languages
  • to provide multilingual families with topics to talk and discuss


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