Product Reviews

Every now and then I review on my YouTube channel products for multilingual families. In this section you will find everything that I recommend young multilingual learners for it´s high quality and value that it can bring to them. Check it out!

chameleon reader
a Great language learning tool

The Chameleon Reader pen allows you to record books, audiobooks, and music in up to four languages. Make out of any book a multilingual book! 

Watch my video to see how it works.

If you type in the coupon code “multilingual10”, you will get a 10 Euro discount on your second order.

Best book for Babies
to start their multilingual journey

Are you looking for a nice present for an international couple that wants to raise their baby multilingual? 

This book called My Sweet Friends from Baby-Lingual can be a great gift for multilingual babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It promotes Language Awareness thanks to its unique sticker concept available in 27 different languages.

Check out the video on the right to find out more about it.

Type in the coupon code “multilingual-family” to get a 25% discount when placing your order.

unique Books for babies and toddlers
to use in any language

Lilliputiens is a French brand that creates  high quality interactive books made out of cloth. They are unique and great to learn the colors, shapes, numbers, and more in several languages. 

Watch my video to get an impression.

Click on the Amazon country that is closest to you to place your order.