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Hello and welcome! Here you will find videos with the newest findings, tips and tricks on how to raise multilingual kids successfully. Check out the next section, there are my most recent videos. Please feel free to leave a comment or question under my YouTube videos. Subscribe to stay informed when new content comes out and profit from free activities, games and videos with lots of ideas and know-how. Enjoy!


Are you thinking about raising your child multilingual? If you feel a bit lost, confused, anxious and don´t have a strategy yet, you need to ask yourself 12 crucial questions. Download my freebie “Brainstorm to Get Started”.

Maybe you are already beginning your multilingual family´s journey and you have a baby or two or some toddlers running around the house. In that case, you might need to download my free “Language-Skill-Booster”. A useful tool that will push forward your multilingual baby or toddler´s language development.

It could also be that you are almost an expert and have kids between 5-12. You are experienced because you have lived as a multilingual family for several years. Nevertheless, you might be asking yourself: “Have I supported my multilingual child well enough? Did I miss anything?” If you wander and want to analyze your current status, download the free test “How well are you supporting your multilingual child” and figure it out.


In case you are interested in knowing who is behind Multilingual Family, scroll a bit down and let me introduce myself very quickly.

Who I am. what I do.

My name is Andrea Breitenmoser and I am a primary teacher specialized in languages. I grew up bilingual and now my husband and I are raising our children trilingual. We live in Switzerland, and our families are spread across the world. 

Games and activities

Give your children some quality time by playing good old fashioned board games! By doing so, not only will you build the foundation for a solid relationship but you will also support their language development greatly. Look at this…

Get free games and activities to print, cut and play with your multilingual children. The material is adaptable to any language and for now 100% free. As I create the material, I´ll share it with all my subscribers.

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