Who has time to read dissertation papers with the newest scientific findings? Exactly, that ist why I have found a way to make your life easier and save you some time. Click on PowerTip and you will find cool and concise sketch videos with the most important information about what is truely important to become a successful multilingual family. Enjoy!



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Theory is by far not everything, right? It is crucial to have a connection to real life. That is why I’m constantly asking competent multilingual people, what their recipe for success is. Dive into their world and get a glimpse on how to do things right and how to deal with difficulties that might arise.

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I’ve a multilingual family myself. My little daughter is growing up learning at least three languages simultaneously. Do you want to read funny anecdotes about our multilingual life, know how we deal with all these languages on a daily basis? Maybe you are interested in where we encounter challenges and how we go about overcoming them. Click on FamilyDiary to find out more!


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Did you know that you play a key role in your child’s healthy multi-language developemnet? Would you like to help your child, but you don’t know how? On LinguaGames you can find ideas for games and fun language activities to make sure your child gets all the support he or she needs.


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LinguaMemory is a powerful game that trains your child’s memory. It helps to build up a wide range of vocabulary words in a fun and interactive way. Play with your kids on a rainy day, in the airplane or before going to bed. Someday they’ll thank you!

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Go Fish

Go Fish is a great game to practice sentences. By repeating them over and over again, your child will not only understand them but will eventually be able to apply the same structures in other life situations. It’s a fun way to practice. Try it out! 

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Do you need another type of game to keep your child motivated and learning without even noticing? Then you’re just on the right spot. Domino is even suited for the smallest ones. It’s easy to play and can be a good game to have some quality family time together.

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Bingo (coming soon!)

Who doesn’t know what Bingo is? It’s a family friendly game for young and old that teaches children much more than just language skills. This game can be played simultaneously in different levels of difficulty. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to check it out!

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